The Story of One Life to Live

The show “One Life to Live” is an American soap opera that aired on the ABC network. The show is known for its longevity, after being on the air from 1968 all the way up until 2012, and being created by Agnes Nixon.

“One Life to Live,” being a soap opera, takes on multiple viewpoints over the course of the series but primarily focuses on the Lord family, specifically the character of Victoria “Viki” Lord, played by Erika Slezak. The setting of the show takes place in a suburb of Philadelphia and in addition to the Lords, other families are featured, including the Woleks, the Rileys and the Grays, an African-American family. During the show’s run, the soap opera was heavily praised for accurately portraying families from different social and financial backgrounds, as well as racial ones. There was also some praise for being able to have comedy in the stories at times while also discussing and incorporating social issues into the stories in an efficient and mature way.

The show is known for having an incredibly wide cast of characters, one of whom was Stacy Morasco, who was played by actress Crystal Hunt. Stacy Morasco first debuted on the show in early 2009 and was introduced as a stripper working in Las Vegas, going by the name of “Gigi,” which happens to be her sister’s name. After some time Stacy starts spying on Gigi, who is currently seeing Rex Balsom and in an effort to pursue her interests she follows the pair all the way back to Philadelphia. Not too long after getting there, Stacy starts taking a liking to Shane, who is Rex’s son, but at the same time Gigi starts to feel as though Stacy will be a negative influence on him. After this Gigi starts to get the impression that Stacy is there solely to seduce Rex away from her and get to him as a result.

Although Stacy Morasco was a major IMDb listed role for actress Crystal Hunt, there have been other entertainment roles that she was been involved with. When not playing as Stacy, Crystal Hunt was known for her other major soap opera role in “Guiding Light,” where she played the character of Lizzie Spaulding for three years. In that time she earned herself a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in the process. Other than soap operas, Wikipedia shows that Hunt has also appeared in some movies, the most recent of which includes a role in 2015’s summer hit “Magic Mike XXL.” Even more recently Hunt has landed herself on “Queens of Drama,” a reality television show where she played as herself.  She posted several cool behind the scenes videos on her Instagram, and many other photos.