Lime Crime’s CEO Weighs In On Fashion Rules

Lime Crime is a company that was created with individuals in mind. It was made to be able to reach even the most eclectic people and has given them the opportunity to have the colors that they love in the high quality materials that are standard for the beauty industry. This is something that was previously unheard of in the cosmetics field and has been making big waves throughout the community. The founder of the company has worked to break some of the biggest fashion rules and is proving to be a great asset to the makeup world for people who love colors.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime because she was tired of having limited options when it came to bold makeup. She knew that it was important for people of all types who like makeup to be able to get the standard quality. Even people like her who liked bright and bold makeup should be able to find it in options that aren’t just made in China or come with harmful ingredients in them. She changed the rules of the cosmetic industry and is now making a bigger splash with the way that she is rejecting the traditional idea of fashion rules.

If you want to wear a tutu, do it. Even if you are 67 years old, Doe Deere thinks that it is totally appropriate for you to wear something that you love. You don’t have to dress your age to look and feel great and you will be able to benefit from the confidence that comes from truly dressing the way that you love to dress. When you have that confidence and know you can dress however you would like, you will be able to look great in anything that you choose to wear.

Mixing patterns is something that everyone is taught to avoid from an early age on. Doe Deere knows that you can wear whatever pattern that you like when you are getting dressed. If you want to wear a tartan plaid with polka dots, you should do so. While she advocates for you picking any colors that you want, she thinks there are certain things you can do to make yourself look less haphazard. If you want to make your outfit match seamlessly with different patterns, consider choosing patterns that have the same types of colors in them.

Heels are great for work, going out or even just running errands. They can be uncomfortable though and can make your feet very cold. Consider putting socks on with your heels. Deere does so and chooses adorable options that match her outfits and heels. While the common convention of not wearing socks with heels still stands, Deere is having none of it. She wants you to know that you can choose to wear socks any time you would like. Oh, and they don’t always have to match when you are putting your outfit together. Mismatched socks are such a fun thing to have with your bold outfits.


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