How Brian Bonar Has Contributed to the Rise of Dalrada Financial Corporation

Most of the best performing corporations in the United States and other countries around the globe owe their success to the people who manage and direct the affairs of the companies.

Therefore, for a corporation to achieve its goals and grow, it is imperative for the members to bring in experience people who are able to steer the company to greater heights. In the United States, one of the corporations that have experienced great success in the financial sector of the country is Dalrada Financial Corporation. Through the company’s leadership, the company has managed to expand its operations and serve different companies as clients around the United States.
Mr. Brian Bonar has been on the helm of the Dalrada Financial Corporation for the last ten years and has significantly helped it grow. He is driven by his passion, determination, tenacity and intelligence which he has accumulated for the last thirty years working in the financial industry. This experience makes him the best person to help the company expand its operations and even go international.

His contribution was recognized in the financial sector of the country when he received the Cambridge Who’s Who honor. He was among the four people who received the honor because of his impeccable qualifications in his academics which he has, they also considered the professional achievements he has attained during his thirty years working in the financial sector as well as his leadership abilities that he has used to inspire the employees of Dalrada Financial Corporation as well as other people working in the financial sector in the United States of America.

Dalrada Financial Corporation acts as a Marketing Liaison and is engaged in supplying clients a wide variety of employee programs that increase business productivity. They include risk management insurance, employee benefits, financial management and promotional and business management services.

Mr. Brian Bonar holds a PhD and he is currently a member of the American Finance Association. His expertise and schooling can greatly be attributed as to how he became a member of the Association. He is passionate about business and helping other people achieve their goals individually as well as helping them strengthen their companies geared up to growth. Read more: The New Frontier

The financial mogul worked for different other companies apart from Dalrada Financial Corporation which are also found in the United States of America. These companies include the Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. which he currently holds the position of the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer.

He is also the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. His experience in the business for the time he has been in the industry has helped him bring strategies that have helped all these companies grow and expand their operations.

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