Dick Devos’ Contributions To Charities, Educational Institutions And The Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. has met its fundraising goal that was set aside in 2013. The goal was to raise $125 million dollars for a proposed extension project and the addition of new programs at the center. The center has already surpassed its goal and has raised $135.9 million so far thanks to generous donations from charitable organizations, corporations and businessmen such Dick DeVos and his foundation. The DeVos family foundation has generously contributed $1 million dollars towards the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts project.


Three pavilions, including a riverfront one with a pedestrian access bridge linking it to the center are included in the expansion project. The performing arts center itself will be expanded upon. Offices, classrooms, exhibition halls, dining areas and practice areas are expected to be added and the entire facility is going to be made more accessible to the public from various points in Washington D.C. The center has also raised its fundraising goal by another $50 million after it surpassed its original goal. 

The DeVos family foundation’s handsome contribution to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts shows how committed Dick DeVos and his wife are to supporting the arts in Washington D.C. and around the country. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native is also a staunch supporter of arts in his hometown. He sponsors ArtPrize an annual competition, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan that supports the development of art and the creative processes behind it.

Art is not the only subject that DeVos is passionate about supporting. He is a major supporter and contributor to many educational institutions and children’s charities. Dick and Betsy DeVos passionately support Kid Hope USA. The non-profit organization helps mentor at risk-children through school and church programs. Numerous schools, and universities receive grants and funding from the Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation. These include the West Michigan Aviation Academy, whick Dick Devos himself helped create and and launch, Grand Rapids Christian Schools, Princeton University, Hope College, Grove City College and countless other colleges and schools including his alma mater, Northwood University. Dick funded a pollution study of Lake Macatawa in Michigan that would identify the major causes and risks of pollution in the lake. 

I always find it uplifting to see, a highly successful person, such as Dick DeVos come back and make a positive impact in his hometown. One person can really make a difference in a community and DeVos is a good example of that. Check him out on Twitter and his Facebook page to see his positive, uplifting messages to his hometown of Grand Rapids even if just to wish them a happy holiday, like the post below.

Wishing everyone a happy, safe, and very merry Christmas!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, December 25, 2015