Anthony Marsala Of Madison Street Capital Earns Prestigious Emerging Leaders Award

The 7th staging of the annual Emerging Leaders Award recently came to to its end, where the event organizers finally announced the industry top finalist. Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder for Madison Street Capital managed to take home this prestigious award. The industry leader expressed good sentiments and his excitement for being nominated as an emerging leader to represent Madison Street Capital. With Anthony Marsala’s expert leadership, dedication, and extensive experience within the industry, it seems meant to be, given he is more than qualified. Anthony can now make his way onto the list of top executive industry leaders.

For more than a 15 years, Anthony Marsala has been working in the industry at some of the leading companies for investment banking. He was also honored as a top executive by the NACVA association during 2015. He is a nominee for the 2016 Crain Leadership Academy that performs to the highest standards and with the strongest set of skills and specializations in finance transactions and M&A buyouts. The 40 under 40 awards started off the Emerging Leaders award for M&A in 2010 as a way of showing respect and recognizing to the top advisers in M&A across the industry. Overall, it has been designed to showcase the highest level of executive with the most success and expertise.

The award is now expanding past the borders of the United States. The emerging leaders award has spread to Europe to find even more top-notch executives. Executive M&A Adviser, co-chief, and president, David Ferguson, stated the the awards show off the emerging leaders capable of bringing innovation and influencing new direction within the industry. The organization supplying the award is also hosting an Awards Gala (Black-Tie) to celebrate all of the Emerging Leaders that have won.

Madison Street Capital was just stepping onto the stage for investment banking around a decade ago. It wasn’t very long before the company started to grow, and today they have become one of the leading institutions for investment banking. Extensive expertise in business valuation and finance consulting is needed to navigate the middle markets most of all. Madison Street Capital’s Base of operations resides in the United States, but the company has business locations in Asia as well as Africa.

Madison Street Capital managed to do well last year in the difficult market, closing a total of 42 hedge fund deals for the year. According to this overview, the 4th M&A report, this was an increase of 27 percent from the previous year, which only saw a closing of 32 deals. Along with a boost of transactions later in the year, Madison Capital has positioned themselves as a powerful competitor for 2016. With top-notch strategies in business, and expert leadership, Madison Street Capital will continue to lead the way in the future. More facts and information on Anthony Marsala’s award and Madison Street Capital can be found here.

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