Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Fund Are Successful in South Africa

In hopes of earning $972,000 dollars, Andrew Rolfe worked hard at chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. He worked hard to put together a gala that would bring more than 300 guests to an event to help raise funds to build a new campus in South Africa. It is here that underprivileged children are not afforded with the right tools and the right knowledge to better themselves later in life. With the help of the Ubuntu fund, more kids are able to have a brighter future. With the help of the attendees, the night was a success and the money was earned.


With the money that was earned the night of the gala, a new campus is going to be built with a pediatric division on site. This allows for children to see doctors and nurses while in school and while under the care of the campus. This not only helps them to lead better lives but to also be healthier where they may not have been previously. When it came to the speakers of the evening, the Ubuntu Fund brought in 2 students who attended campus prior to being successful in their lives to speak to the attendees of the evening. It was with their help that the fund was able to gain the money it needed to build the new campus.


Andrew Rolfe has an extensive background as CEO and Chairman of numerous companies. He has worked previously within the PepsiCo International department and has also worked as an CEO for Gap. Both of these businesses have been a success under the direction of Andrew Rolfe. In his role as the President of the International Division of the Gap, Andrew worked to oversee all operations of Japan, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. They had also placed him in charge for coming up with strategies that would work to expand internationally. With PepsiCo, he worked to ensure that 1300 restaurants between KFC and Pizza Hut were operating properly. He led the business in more than 30 countries.


Andrew Rolfe has attended some of the best schools globally. He graduated from Oxford with his bachelors degree and then attended Harvard School of Business where he earned his masters in business administration. He is educated in politics, philosophy as well as in economics.